About Letterpress


Letterpress printing is truly the most beautiful craftsmanship - It is a centuries old art form, which is timeless, classic and results in a beautiful tactile impression into the paper.

Letterpress Printing is the oldest and one of the most exquisite forms of printing available. Letterpress hasn't changed much since 1440 when Gutenberg developed movable type and the first ever printing press was invented. For the last 520 odd years, letterpress was the most common form of printing, it was a craft of masters, it was something terribly precious. However during the last century the development of faster, motorised offset printing presses meant that centuries of knowledge and craftsmanship were lost in an instant.

Here at Bespoke, we are holding all of this letterpress history in our hands, we are its protector, its advocate, and it is our vision to keep this craft alive. Letterpress printing isn't easy - it is hard physical work, it can be frustrating, and each day always brings new challenges on our antique presses - but we are perfectionists, and we love letterpress with a passion, and could not imagine printing any other way.

It is our vision to combine a fusion of antique letterpress printing methods with beautiful typography, gorgeous vintage illustrations and beautiful deep impressions into the finest papers. We have an unwavering dedication to our printing techniques and we treasure maintaining this vintage craftsmanship. It is this vision which has made us one of the leading letterpress studios both here in Australia, and across the world.