Our Paper


Here at Bespoke our letterpress invitations and stationery are printed on imported 100% cotton stocks which are luxuriously thick, lush, environmentally friendly and perfect for letterpress printing. We like to explain the texture of our papers as a mix of silk, linen and fluffy clouds all combined into one! No other paper matches the soft feel and elegant texture of our beautiful 100% cotton stocks. 

Our papers are made from recovered cotton materials from the textile industry which would otherwise end up in landfill. No harmful elemental chlorine is used to make our papers bright and white because Mother Nature has already done the work for us.

The understated quality and luxury of cotton paper is derived from the simple purity of cotton. It is also energy efficient – Cotton requires far less water and chemical processing than do papers made from wood. Likewise the energy usage per tonne of cotton paper is much less than typical wood paper. 

Our cotton rag papers are available in white or ivory in a 300gsm or 600gsm weight.